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An exciting and innovative company that strives for excellence.

Starting out from the West Midlands, Analysis 11 aims educate the next generation of performance analysts. We believe in providing a clear yet detailed account of key constructs with in performance analysis. we aim to do this with a verity of products and our expanding  educational programme. 

            Growing Strong


Analysis 11 is always looking to learn grow and expand, and we invite you to join us on our journey. Our educational seminars and events aim to provide our students the necessary tools for self development. We are currently developing all aspects of Analysis11, from the development of its events, relationships with professional clubs in conjunction with further educating our selves. We are constantly monitoring and adapting  to become pioneers with the latest software and technologies. 


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The primary function of Analysis 11 is to guide you across the ever changing land scape of performance analysis.


Analysis can take many forms; from an informal meeting with staff discussing key themes, to providing a fully detailed video analysis debrief of the game accompanied with a presentation. What, when, who and how to will all be explained


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Analysis 11 was originally founded in 2014 by Calum Hayes. Building upon over 10 years in all 3 divisions of the football league. 1st hand experience of working with international players, we  strongly believe that analysis should not be exclusively for the professionals. Our vision at Analysis11 is a way to bring performance analysis to the masses.


Analysis 11

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